Our Purpose

Transforming today, preserving tomorrow

We innovate intentionally. We take purposeful steps to power our lives with clean energy from efficient and safe batteries.
CO2 emission reduction in the US from shifting to EVS from 2023 -2055
0 %
Million Tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent avoided globally by EVs in 2030
0 Mt-CO2
of US GHG emissions
are from transportation
0 %

Why we’re here

Because batteries need to evolve

Shifting to clean energy is urgent, but current EV batteries are reaching their safety and performance limitations – we’re here to change that.

Energizing everyday life

Pioneering technology is impressive, but improving people’s lives is priceless.

Explore the world

While minimizing your carbon footprint

Gain quality time

Fast charging

Reconnect with loved ones

Longer range

Live worry free

Safer and less flammable

What we do

solid-state technology

We develop transformational quasi-solid-state technology to lead the future of electric mobility.
To save the planet
Our vision of a world powered by clean and efficient energy guides everything we do.
and keep us all going
We want to empower everyone with the freedom of mobility, without sacrificing our environment.

Driven by purpose, inspired by impact.

We develop technology that has lasting and meaningful change. To achieve this, sustainability, safety, and scalability are at our core.
We seek the most sustainable supply chain possible, mobilizing the world in a cleaner way.
Created with your safety in mind. We use advanced materials to reduce safety incidents for peace of mind, so you can take life by the wheel without worries.

Current EV cells

FEST® EV Cells

EUCAR Safety Rating

Current EV cells

4 and up

FEST® EV Cells


Flash Point

Current EV cells


FEST® EV Cells

We’re ready to power the next generation, today.

Our batteries are manufacturable in existing facilities with minimal modifications. With more than 10 years of industry expertise and success in 100Ah cells, we have a running start in supporting the switch to electric.

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